The IB Studio Art Blog

The IB Studio Art Blog for Temescal Canyon High School is found at, It is a closed and safe environment for students and not open to the public so only members of the blog will be able to follow the link in the first sentence. Students must be added to the blog by their teacher at the beginning of the course.

The IB Studio Art blog is a key component to this class. As you know this class is taught through a "flipped classroom" technique so the blog is the pace students can expect to receive new instruction and assignments from the teacher.

The blog is also a place where IB Studio artists post their current work as it develops and receive constructive feedback on this artwork. This means that students must post their most recent image of their work as it progresses and encourage relevant discussion. Posts include at least one picture (there can be more) along with a "caption" of 150 words or more. Students may begin a new post by clicking on the "New Post" link in the control bar at the top of the blog. In a post students should include the following:

Note: To the right of the editing screen is a list of "Post Settings." The "Schedule" tab allows you to schedule a time for your post to be placed on the blog. With this you can write your post early and still post it on Friday when it is due! You can also use the "Save" button to save your work and continue it at a later time.