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Artist Research

Studying the work of other artists is a great way to expand our own creativity. It gives us a new window through which to look at our world and additional tools that we can use in our own work. This project also provides an opportunity to begin, or for some students, refine your video making skills.

This project consists of three parts:

Part 1: Research

       Choose a living artist whose work you like that is easy to find information on. The artist chosen to report on must meet three requirements:

1.        The artist must be still alive

2.        The artist must have shown in a gallery

3.        The artists work must be appropriate material for the high school studio.

       Complete the Artist Research worksheet. Either print out the PDF to the left, complete it, and turn it in during class or save the RTF to your computer, edit it with Microsoft word, and turn it in online at the class webpage.

Part 2: Research Paper

       Length- The essay must be at least a page and a half

       Font-No greater than 12pt., and double spaced.

       Cover page- Must contain your name, class name, date, and the name of your artist

       Research Report- Introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and all of the information in your research. For more information go to :

       Bibliography- MLA style or footnotes: site your sources.

Part 3: Video Presentation (Must have the items listed below)


       Artist Bio- Add basic information on your artist like his/her name, DOB (date of birth), location/origin, and education/training

Ø       Artist's Personal Life- Add some background information about your artist that is not necessarily related to their “professional” life. This might be a little bit about their parents, school life, or anything else that makes them “normal” or perhaps “abnormal.”

       Influences- Add information here about other people, experiences, politics, or personal interests that have influenced the artist you’ve researched.


       The Artwork - Describe the techniques, media, or dominant subject of your artist. This is also a good place to insert a picture of your artist’s work.

Ø       Art Movement- List information about the particular movement or genre you artist’s work fits into. Many artists do not declare an affiliation with a movement so you may need to read about other artists with similar work to create or suggest one. This slide should also describe this “movement” and may include examples of other artists work that appear similar.

Ø       Your Adoption of the Artist's Style- List connections in style that you’ve made to the work of your research subject. This is also a good place to insert a picture of your work



Last Updated 09/05/2010