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Midterm Exams will be in the form of the creation of a portfolio on the web service, "" -Part 1. Students should upload 20 photographs of their artwork, well photographed and cropped with title and descriptions in the same format as Portfolio Addition Assignments. These files should be uploaded in their native .jpg format and renamed to reflect the students name and the artwork title. Students should also include their 10 best sketchbook pages reflecting research and practice in a .pdf format. This addition should be titled, "Sketchbook Entries," and the description should summarize its contents.

Part 2- The Portfolio must be shared with the instructor and a step-by-step "directions" for the process the student followed should be turned in to the "midterm Exam" assignment on For more information go to the "Midterm Exam" page.

This course

is designed to provide an opportunity for self motivated high school artists to develop their artwork and portfolio beyond the level of first year Advanced Drawing and Painting students. Only students that have completed at least one year of Advanced Drawing and Painting will have the opportunity to participate in this class. Students who successfully complete this course receive the same academic credit as a student who completes Advanced Drawing and Painting. It should be mentioned, however, that studio artists enjoy greater artistic freedom and do not need to complete the same projects as those students enrolled in Advanced Drawing and Painting for their first year.

This Year

will involve the exchange of information and assignments using a set of digital tools available from Google. For this you will need a Gmail account with a school appropriate user name (this user name should include your first name and last name as it appears on Infinite Campus). Sign up for a class use Gmail account by clicking here: GMAIL.

Once you have a Gmail account you must sign up to use this account for the class. Fill out the sign-up form and click "submit" when you are finished.

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